1. FatCo - Baby on the way skincare gift set 

Super clean and small batch skin care line I love. I used all their baby products on Beau when he was fresh out of the NICU. This "baby on the way" skincare set would make a great gift for an expecting mom on your list. 

Use code METHOD15 for 15% off order.

2. KibouBag - Diaper bag fanny pack

A true favorite on this list. This stylish diaper bag is small, holds only what you need, and does not remotely resemble a mom/baby product (this is a good thing in my opinion). My kid has very limited time left in diapers (all things willing) and I STILL asked for this as a gift. A hit at any baby shower or for a pregnant lady on your list.

3. Love The Chans - Hand stamped Apron from Indonesia 

This mom owned brand looks to help others fall in love with the beauty of cultural diversity through joyful experiences and products. This apron is made from hand stamped batik from Indonesian artisans. A portion of each product purchased gives back to women and children in crisis here in the US and artisanal communities globally.

Use code Method10 to save 10%.

4. Comfy-cozy Lavender scented heat wraps.

This mom owned online company looks to make gift giving more thoughtful and easy. They proudly source all their suppliers to provide quality products that are made in the United States.

5. BooskiesCookies  

Vegan, gluten + preservative free cookies you can send nationwide.This clean cookie brand is started by a mama in CA and the company is named after her 7 year old daughter. These are a great gift for teachers, neighbors, new moms, or family members this holiday. They can be shipped across the country.

Use code “METHOD10” for 10% off with a $20 minimum purchase.

6The Best Friend Zip  

Zip the back of your dress all by yourself! This is a great present for a stocking, white elephant, or mom friend. If you have ever tried to zip up a dress alone you get the need for this.

Use code METHOD15 to save 15%.

7. Crow Pose Inc. - Yoga Matt Grip stickers

These yoga mat stickers allow for extra grip and muscle activation. plus they are super fun colors. The founder of Crow Pose Co, Ella Ayscue, is a prenatal & postnatal yoga teacher with wrist pain issues and an obsession with color. Her yoga mat stickers are made for seriously not serious yogis.

Use code METHOD20 for 20% off.

8. RAFI NOVA 'Oh shit kit' 

A really good gift idea for a  grandparent, caregiver for a kiddo, or new mom. This kit includes 14 items you always wish you had when shit hits the fan.

Use code MOMUPTOWN20 for 20% off.

9. MomSquad - One and done Tank

This is a mom owned brand making products for moms. I love their colors and the quality of their fabric (thin like Lulu Aligns but with more compression, in my opinion). This tank with a built in bra works on me (flat chested) but supports fuller chested mamas as well (I asked around).

 1. Ave Lumi - Braid Bobble Balaclava

I was sent a hat similar to this for Bailey when she was two and it was a knockout gift. First of all - it's adorable and we get comments all winter. It's also so warm for Boston winters, and is the only hat I've been able to find that stays on a toddler's damn head. I adore the owner of this company. A real NYC mama - who has a story and purpose for all of the sustainable items she sells.

2. RAFI NOVA -Little adventure fanny pack

My kids are both obsessed with playing detectives and “stuff.” This is a great gift for a 3-4 year old. Rafi Nova is a brand I love - started by a Core Method Mama (and mom of two sets of twins!!). 

Use code MOMUPTOWN20 for 20% off.

3. Ave Lumi - Merino Wool Romper

I originally picked this out for Beaus' age group in mind, but seeing it in person I wanted a pair for each kid. These are cute, crazy warm, and soooo well made. I want a pair for both kids to wear over clothes on the way to school and after swim/gymnastics classes in the winter. This would be a fantastic gift for a toddler age 2-5.

4.MiliMili - Sweet dreams gift set 

One stylish nursery item that's often forgotten are crib sheets. They can really finish the look of a room - plus they are a great gift because you go through a million sets with a baby. I love this brand's matching blanket and sheet sets. 

5. TonieBox Starter Set

I have heard about Tonies for over a year and we are just getting into them. My kids are suddenly addicted to the iPad and this is a fantastic solution to give yourself a little time without handing out screen time. I love the look and feel of these - a fantastic gift for toddlers.

6. RAFI NOVA - Kids clear plated masks

When Beau was learning to talk this past year I became really aware of how much babies learn by mimicking facial expressions, and how hard that was with masks. I love these clear plated masks for kids!

Use code MOMUPTOWN20 for 20% off.

7. Ahimsa - Mindful Mealtime Set 

This brand was started by two pediatrician moms and is quickly gaining huge popularity (it's on Oprahs gift guide  - just saying). The materials in these are super safe for kids, serving sizes promote a healthy diet, and their website is full of helpful info.

Use code MOMUPTOWN15 for 15% off.

8. Blue Balloon Music Lessons 

This mama owned music class company started in NYC and recently expanded to Boston (among other cities). Teachers (vaxed) come to your house and teach kids as young as two to play an instrument by writing their own song. Bailey and Beau have been taking classes in Boston and love it.The classes are an investment price but are such a positive experience. This would be a great gift to ask a grandparent for - I am so thankful to have this as a winter activity!!

 mention Katie Breard in referrals when you sign up

9. Play Smol Bounce House -  kids bounce houses

I adore the look and feel of these bounce houses. They are also a great size for indoor play. This brand, started by moms, is brand new and truly taking off.

Use code METHODBYKATIE for $30 off your order

10. Ave Lumi - Fairytales tote  Playmat

A fab gift for a mom to carry in her diaper bag, etc. Great for when you need a distraction. I see so much imagination from gifts like these. The mat is organic cotton and figures are made in upstate New York from damaged trees.

1. Picolini NYC beanie - I Love NY Beanie

One of my favorite brands for gifts, I was so excited when I met the owner this year. She is (of course) fantastic and so are her products. Kent has this hat and always gets compliments. You can also have the whole family match in these beanies.

2.Reebock - Sustainable gift series - duffle bag/ backpack

Obviously not a startup brand - but a boston based brand that has a section of gifts that are all sustainable this year. 

We have a duffle that doubles as a backpack and it is so helpful for traveling with kids. Strap it on your back when you're running through an airport and need to scoop up your kids.

3. Scout + Celler Holiday Wine Collection Kit

This would be a great couples gift for date night. This clean crafted wine company is owned by a MA mama. The Mixtrack set includes 2 bottles of wine, tasting card, and a Spotify holiday soundtrack to drink it to!

4. Queen Majesty Hot Sauce Sampler

Small batch hot sauce handmade in NYC. I Love the branding behind this small brand.

5. Rhone - Commuter Jogger Pant 

As a family friend of this brother owned brand, it has been exciting to watch Rhone soar. These pants are Kent's favorite pair. They are flattering, look like work pants, but feel closer to workout gear. They are the stretchy pants of dudes and come in great colors.

Use Code METHOD15 to save 15%.

6. Picolini NYC - I Coffee NY Print

For a dad who loves New York. I gave Kent this print the year we moved out of NYC and it looks awesome in his “office” (also Beaus bedroom).

7. Reebock - Sustainable gift series

Vegan Running shoes. I wear the ladies version and love running in them (I"m picky). Love the touch of pink.

8.Artkive - Mosaic framed print of Kids Art  

I feel like most people know about the Artkive books, but fewer know that you can turn your kids artwork into a mosaic. Send your kids artwork out in a box and a designer will layout a mosaic, print it, and frame it. This is a great gift for a grandparent or for a guy's office.

Use code UPTOWN20 for $20 off.

9. Rhone - Seersucker Rec Hoodie 

This thin material is super comfortable. Kent lives in his Rhone hoodie on the weekends so I jumped on the seersucker material.

Use Code METHOD15 to save 15%.

10. Rhone - Retro Session Sweat Shirt 

A statement piece for sure. I love this sweatshirt (and a guy who wears a hit of pink!).

Use Code METHOD15 to save 15%.