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1:1 Virtual Coaching


My 1:1 Virtual Coaching sessions are 100% personalized, one on one personal training sessions. Partnering with me as your coach includes: accountability and coaching that is developed around each mom's personal fitness level, abilities and emotional needs. You'll also get a customized nutrition plan based on your health goals.
What's Included:
  • Weekly 45 minute personal training session via zoom - just you and me!
  • Bi-weekly nutrition check-in and advice to keep going.
  • The perk of discounted group fitness classes.
  • Access to our private Method by Katie Facebook community with like minded moms.
*1:1 Virtual Coaching is offered on a 3 month minimum commitment basis.
**Payment Plans Available
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The Core Method


My Signature Group Course is 12 weeks of coaching with an accountability program for postpartum moms. You'll get to interact with other mommas who are facing the same life season as you while working towards your personal fitness and wellness goals.

What's Included:

  • Three Weekly virtual group workout classes.

  • Weekly group accountability call with Katie to cover any of your fitness, health, and postpartum as it pertains to your goals questions that may come up.

  • Access to Method by Katie Courses that include: Nutrition, Mindset, Accountability, and "mom hacks".

  • Exclusive group lectures from specialists including: pelvic floor doctors, life coaches, nutritionists and more.

  • Access to our private Method by Katie Facebook community with like minded moms.

*Payment Plans Available

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Method Mama

A brand new course designed specifically for soon to be new moms.
Trust me, I know all about the confusion that pregnancy brings when it comes to your health. 

This virtual group class offers 2 live workouts a week with other mamas-to-be, plus access to a library of pre-recorded prenatal safe workouts.

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One-on-One Training Session


  • 100% personalized, one on one.

  • Discover your personal fitness level, abilities and emotional needs.

  • Get a customized nutrition plan based on your health goals. 

  • A chance to add-on longer session packages and accountability.


Five Sessions Sample Pack


Enjoy Pre-Recorded Sample Sessions

Try out a class! 

  • Bundle of postpartum classes.
  • 5 pre-recorded postpartum workouts.
  • Member login accessibility.
“Despite staying active throughout my pregnancy, I felt anxious and uncertain of where to begin postpartum. I’m so thankful that I found Katie! She is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and postpartum. Not only did she guide me through safe exercises, but she also helped me focus mindfully on activating the “right” muscle groups, which is so important! I felt so much more confident after working with her!”


Allea (Rowan's Mom)

“Katie is an upbeat cheerleader when pushing me through a final rep - even when I’m swearing and laughing about how awkward my new big belly is 😅 - and a knowledgeable guide for safely increasing strength and building confidence while pregnant. She has a great sense of humor, a wealth of knowledge and has been the perfect support for me during my prenatal fitness journey.” 💪✨”


Zora (Tula's Mom)

Your Next Step!

It's time to JUMP! You can do this! You can TOTALLY do this! And the best part of all is - you aren't going to be alone! Whether you choose 1:1 or group coaching, you'll be choosing accountability and support that will get you out of the funk and overwhelm of feeling less than in your new mom bod and back to feeling like yourself again!
Let's go Momma!


How do we work together?

The simple answer is - Virtually. We'll interact through zoom. I'll be taking time to get to know you so I can personalize your plans! So get ready to keep hearing from me and make room for a new bestie who's in your corner. There will be no cookie cutter stuff - when I'm working with you, it's about YOUR needs. I'll be available and always excited to help you succeed. I'll be checking in on you to make sure you CAN'T fall off the wagon. 

What can I expect from you as my coach?

Let's put it this way... I'm type A. I will push you hard- because I BELIEVE in you, I KNOW you can do this! And even during the hard stuff, I promise you will have SO MUCH FUN! This journey isn't going to be easy... nothing wonderful that's worth having ever is! (Just do me a favor and remember that when I'm kicking your butt!) I do believe however, that there is so much room for laughter and keeping things crazy and real while we work towards your goals! I don’t want to track calories for the rest of your life.

What’s our relationship going to be like?

Real. Girl, I am going to always keep it real with you. I promise to guide you, support you and always make you laugh with me and at yourself for good measure. I'm always going to check in on your goals and cheer you on. I am going to listen to your story and hear your personal needs so we can walk this thing out together.

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