2 live virtual workouts a week

PLUS recordings of all workouts AND access to an exercise library of workouts!!

Fitness during pregnancy is a fantastic way to take care of your own body as well as your growing little one!

Join a community of women dedicated to doing it together.



↠ You have always loved fitness but now you are scared to know what is safe (I get it!!).

 You want to get your body prepped for the best labor and postpartum experience possible.

↠You want a live class option to hold you accountable.

  You aren't totally comfortable in your changing body, and you want to feel amazing during this special time.

 You have never done strength training before - but have been told it's good for the development of your babe (it is!).

You wanna look and feel awesome, but you don't wanna pee yourself or have scary core issues a year from now.


This is me!


You could workout from HOME (gyms are germy) with a group of pregnant ladies!! 

You could access recordings to the workouts to take anytime, anywhere.  

You could leave your pregnancy in better physical shape than you started (plus baby lol).

Sound impossible? 

It's not. It is 100% possible to learn new effective tools to reach your fitness goals while pregnant. Plus, when done correctly, it is extremely beneficial for your own health and the health of your baby.

You can do this and I am here to guide you each step of the way!!

YES! I want that!

Are you ready mama?


- When you purchase a subscription, you will have access to all live classes, the recordings of class, and all previous classes taught. Think of this as access to your own live classes, an abundance of pregnancy safe workouts, and access to a prenatal coach!

-2 LIVE 45 min strength training classes a week via zoom.




-All classes are recorded and uploaded right after!


Joining the group is a monthly subscription process. Joining costs just $12 a class, and is billed monthly. When you reach the end of your pregnancy - you can end your subscription for the month.



Group members take the class at their own risk and must be cleared by their OB.

-A set of medium (8-12 lb) dumbbells

-Ankle weights

-A yoga matt




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"Katie's workouts have not only made me stronger and reduced discomfort during my pregnancy, but have also kept me sane! I look forward to our time together each week where I can turn my brain off and know that my body is in good hands. I love how each day is a little bit different and she can seamlessly adjust the workout at any moment based on how I'm feeling. She has also helped me to navigate the nuances of my first pregnancy. Knowing that I have Katie on my side also makes me less worried about how to get my body back postpartum! ;)"

-Lauren Pearlstein


$96 Monthly

  • 2 Live 45 Min Prenatal workouts a week.
  • Recordings of all workouts.
  • Access to all previous recordings of group workouts!
  • A group of fitness focused pregnancy members who are all in a similar stage - and GET IT.




 My name is Katie and I’m a big fan of all things health and fitness. I am a Personal Trainer with a focus Pre & Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition.

While exercising has always been a huge part of my life (my true emotional outlet), it wasn’t always my profession. I spent the first 10 years of adulthood as an art director in some of New York and Boston’s top advertising agencies. I loved parts of my career. But the stress, the crazy hours and the physical drain of a desk job wore away at me, especially after having my daughter.

Then through my pregnancy with my son everything changed….

28 weeks into my pregnancy, my water broke. In the ER, I learned that I hadn’t gone into labor, but to keep the baby alive I was going to live in the hospital, on bedrest, until he was born.

Cue the most stressful time of my life.

After my son, I left the hospital in the weakest state of my life. It took me weeks to be able to walk properly.

While I am forever thankful of how my children came into this world, my body was completely deconditioned both times. It was overwhelming and stressful trying to understand my new body and find the RIGHT process for getting my fitness back on track.

With the experience of IVF, miscarriage, a vaginal delivery, a crazy pregnancy on bedrest, and a very complicated c-section now on my resume…

I’m in the business of helping women feel strong and confident in their bodies after pregnancy.

Through my own experience I truly believe that moms don’t have to SETTLE for feeling uncomfortable in their bodies, lacking confidence, or living with injuries such as ab separation.

It is truly POSSIBLE to be a mom AND be in the best shape of your life.

Core Camp is for you if you…

↠ Gave birth vaginally or by c-section

↠ Suffer from ab separation and want to strengthen your core

↠ Feel limited by time

 Want to be sure you are exercising safely and correctly for your postnatal needs

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(Optional) Get 1:1 Calls When You Join

I’m not going to lie… getting your fitness back is going to SUCK some days… and I want to make sure you have the support you NEED to get you past the SUCK! Get to the root of what’s holding you back and have the benefit of a listening ear to keep you in your right mind!

If you're nervous about not being able to do this without some 1:1 Support, grab this bonus at checkout! 


Let me help you mamma! 

Live workouts that will effectively increase overall lean muscle and strength without putting stress on your core.

Accountability challenges to help you reach your goals

Calls to help you stay on track.

Becoming a new mom takes a huge emotional toll on a person.
I am going to share all tips and tricks I’ve learned to support a fitness lifestyle and the transition into motherhood along with special fitness, nutrition and mindset motivation!

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