12 weeks of postpartum workouts, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to fit your new life as a mom.

You deserve to feel amazing as a mom. Join a program that helps you step away from discomfort and overwhelm into a body you love. All at your own pace.

Show Me How!


↠ You feel like a stranger in your postpartum body.

 You are a year or two postpartum and your abs still don't feel the same.

You’ve been told you have diastasis recti and don't know how to fix it.

  You’re tired of feeling dissatisfied with the way you eat, or feel about your body.

 You want to model confidence and good habits for your kids.


This is me!


↠ There was a way to wake up in the morning feeling amazing in your clothes, have the energy to make confident food choices for yourself and your family, and be at peace with your body.

There was a way to not only regain your core strength but get in BETTER shape then you were pre pregnancy. 

↠ you were able to reach your goals in a short amount of time, ON YOUR OWN TIME.

Sound impossible? 

It's not. It is 100% possible to learn new effective tools to reach your fitness goals as a mama.

You can do this and I am here to guide you, mama!!

YES! I want that!


Are you ready mama?

Give me 12 weeks of dedication and I can help transform your body and mind to match your goals as a mom. ALL from your home - at your own time.

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In the Core Method You Will Learn:

Fitness Coaching

3 postpartum workouts a week that include postpartum ab workouts as well as full body strengthening exercises. 

Expert Teachings

Get incredible trainings from expert partners in the postpartum field.

Nutrition Hacks

Learn how to prepare clean and healthy food for your own fitness goals while caring for your family at the same time.

Community & Support

A supportive team to answer any questions, concerns, or struggles as you move through the course.


"After I had my son and began working out with Katie⁣⁠ postpartum, I wished I had found her sooner!⁣⁠
⁣Katie is such an expert in how a woman's body works, and has helped transform my body and mindset. ⁣⁠
She's given me my strength back that I felt I had lost. ⁣⁠But, best of all, she's a mama too!⁣⁠I trust her wholeheartedly and highly recommend her to all mamas."

-Arielle Spiegel

Here’s What You Get...

Each week you will be sent 3 new  postpartum workout classes. 

These classes include postpartum safe core workouts as well as full body strengthening (you will leave will toned arms, legs, and glutes as well as core!)

In addition you can access a workout lib of over 30 5-30 min postpartum safe workouts anytime!


I will provide Nutrition Help, Mindset Habits, and Time Saving Tips and Tricks, along with positive Accountability. 

You will have all of your concerns and questions answered on a weekly call, as well as access to a private Facebook community of like-minded moms.


In 12 weeks you will reach new fitness levels and a body you are proud of through attainable, achievable steps.

All workouts and lessons are pre-recorded and taken at your own pace.

This course is designed to be easily digestible and taken on your schedule. I KNOW how precious and non-existent your time is.


2 payments of $200

  • 12 week coaching and accountability (check-in anytime!)
  • 3 New Full body workouts a week
  • A workout lib of over 30+ 5-30 min workouts
  • Access to courses offering nutrition lessons, mindset work, accountability, and a compilation of mom hacks
  • Access to private facebook community of like minded moms


1 intro call / or session with Katie before the course begins!




"Despite staying active throughout my pregnancy, I felt anxious and uncertain of where to begin postpartum. I’m so thankful that I found Katie! She is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and postpartum. Not only did she guide me through safe exercises, but she also helped me focus mindfully on activating the “right” muscle groups, which is so important! I felt so much more confident after working with her!"

-Allea Martin

PLUS! You'll get these bonuses!


Based on our weekly topics, Katie will invite some GUEST TRAINERS to share their methods with you as well! 


You'll get a week's worth of grocery items to start making simple healthy steps forward. 

Water Tracking Sheets

You'll receive our water tracking sheet for you AND YOUR LITTLE ONE, making water intake fun!

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In just 12 weeks you will make the shift from constantly trying to “get your body back to where you were before you had kids” to getting in amazing shape, making food choices for your family, and loving your body.


Weekly postpartum workouts that are made specifically for women trying to get back in shape and strengthen their core.

Accountability coaching and a community of people trying to reach similar goals...

Fitness, nutrition, and general mom tips 


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The Guarantee

Buy it, Try it, and Apply it with our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not happy after giving it an honest go in the first two weeks, I'll give you your money-back. "Katie that's insane?!" I know, but I want to help action takers, I'm here to help moms who truly want a system and a supportive coach to help them! This is truly the best postpartum workout and plan there is!!


 My name is Katie and I’m a big fan of all things health and fitness. I am a Personal Trainer with a focus Pre & Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition.

While exercising has always been a huge part of my life (my true emotional outlet), it wasn’t always my profession. I spent the first 10 years of adulthood as an art director in some of New York and Boston’s top advertising agencies. I loved parts of my career. But the stress, the crazy hours and the physical drain of a desk job wore away at me, especially after having my daughter.

Then through my pregnancy with my son everything changed….

28 weeks into my pregnancy, my water broke. In the ER, I learned that I hadn’t gone into labor, but to keep the baby alive I was going to live in the hospital, on bedrest, until he was born.

Cue the most stressful time of my life.

After my son, I left the hospital in the weakest state of my life. It took me weeks to be able to walk properly.

While I am forever thankful of how my children came into this world, my body was completely deconditioned both times. It was overwhelming and stressful trying to understand my new body and find the RIGHT process for getting my fitness back on track.

With the experience of IVF, miscarriage, a vaginal delivery, a crazy pregnancy on bedrest, and a very complicated c-section now on my resume…

I’m in the business of helping women feel strong and confident in their bodies after pregnancy.

Through my own experience I truly believe that moms don’t have to SETTLE for feeling uncomfortable in their bodies, lacking confidence, or living with injuries such as ab separation.

It is truly POSSIBLE to be a mom AND be in the best shape of your life.

The Core Method is for you if you…

↠ Gave birth vaginally or by c-section

↠ Suffer from ab separation and want to strengthen your core

↠ Feel limited by time

 Want to be sure you are exercising safely and correctly for your postnatal needs

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(Optional) Get 1:1 Calls When You Join

I’m not going to lie… getting your fitness back is going to SUCK some days… and I want to make sure you have the support you NEED to get you past the SUCK! Get to the root of what’s holding you back and have the benefit of a listening ear to keep you in your right mind!

If you're nervous about not being able to do this without some 1:1 Support, grab this bonus at checkout! 

So are you ready to see results?


2 payments of $200

  • 12 week coaching and accountability
  • 3x weekly workouts
  • A workout lib of over 30 5- 30 min workouts
  • Access to courses offering nutrition lessons, mindset work, accountability, and a compilation of mom hacks
  • Access to private facebook community of like minded moms


All workouts are recorded so it’s ok to pause if your babe is screaming! 

All lectures are go at your own pace - which means, you will have access to them foreva!!



Let me help you mamma! 

Workouts that will effectively increase overall lean muscle and strength without putting stress on your core.

Weekly accountability challenges to help you reach your goals

Weekly calls to help you stay on track.

Becoming a new mom takes a huge emotional toll on a person.
I am going to share all tips and tricks I’ve learned to support a fitness lifestyle and the transition into motherhood along with special fitness, nutrition and mindset motivation!

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