Valentines Day Gift Guide

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Valentines Day has always been my favorite holiday. I love that there isn't pressure to haveeee to get people a bunch of stuff- you do it because you want to. I’ve always loved random stuff about Valentine's. I HATE going out to pre-fixed dinners (remember those??), but I LOVE sending friends mail. So- becoming a mom I’ve always made a big deal out of valentine's day. I also love it because it’s during the worst time of the year in my opinion - so it really lights up Feb. Ok rant over :)




1. For your Kids - A custom outfit made from one of your husband's old shirts. 

Daddy's Little Dress Shirts is a company that makes custom children's & women's Clothing Using Daddy's Dress Shirts. You send them a dress shirt your husband no longer uses and the owner (a mama) creates an outfit for yourself or your kids. I love this idea and am working to do one for Bailey and Beau.
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Order by Jan 19 to make sure you get it by valentines day. 


2. For your kids - Easy to put on gloves

It’s snow season and who doesn’t hate the fight to get gloves on your toddlers?? ZipGlove is a small start-up brand caught my eye and I'm obsessed with them. The gloves zip apart - so they are easy to put on. I’m putting a pair in baileys Valentine's Day bag (they don’t make them small enough for Beau).

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3. For your kids - Guess How Much I love you Tonies 

My kids are obsessed with Tonies. It is an audio system they can use (Beau does all the time) and it reads stories. It cuts down on our screen time demands so much. Beau falls asleep listening to them in his crib every night!! I’m adding the guess how much I love you Tonie to Beaus Valentines Day bag.


4. For your kids - Eco Yoga Matt

Bailey has recently started wanting to work out with me - and it's less annoying to do with her than when she was a toddler. I love these eco-friendly kids' mats! So cute!


5. For your kids - Toddler Weights

This brand sells all kinds of toddler workout equipment. They are so cute it kills me!


6. For Your Husband - Pendleton socks

Kent is obsessed with the brand Pendleton and I really love their socks. They can be worn as dress socks for guys or daily. I’m getting him a few colors. Not the sexiest present but hey - #married. 


7. For Your Husband - Instant camera / printer

We love photography as a family. This is a bit of a splurge but this would be such a fun thing to have as a family!


8. For yourself - eye massager (bluetooth, heat, white noise)

Kent recently got this for me and I'm OBSESSED. IF you have issues with stress or sleep it's for you.


9. For yourself (perfect for pregnant/breastfeeding)- Joanna Vargas clean exfoliating mask

This is hands down the nicest most effective face mask I've ever bought - and it’s all super clean ingredients. It’s a splurge but it's great for sensitive skin. I've never seen something so effective on my skin.


10. For a brand new mama - High rise cute undies

This brand of undies is sustainable and made from organic cotton. Their high rise styles are everything a new mom would love: toxic-free, super comfy, and also really cute. When I was a new mom (c-section especially) all I wanted was something cute but protective. TA DA.

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