My Honest Review Of Lymphatic Work

Dec 16, 2021

Lymphatic Massage is a pretty hot topic right now. What do you know about it?

I first tried lymphatic massage on my body when I was pregnant with Beau in hopes to reduce swelling.

Last winter I was having horrible issues with bloat and tried it again.

To be honest I liked both experiences but never saw a HUGE result. The massage itself is also very light. As someone who loves a good deep tissue massage the massage itself wasn't really for me. So, as a mom with limited time, I stopped going.

In the past few months I've had a few experiences that have 100% changed my feelings about lymphatic massage and the benefits it can have for physical discomforts as well as immunity!



I recently did a trade for personal training for body work with Refresh Wellness Collective in Brookline Ma. Refresh has always been highly recommended to me from wellness professionals I trust a lot in Boston.

Refresh offers a number of treatments including colon hydrotherapy (highly recommend working with Kate if you are hoping to try this! She is a true professional and friend) and lymphatic body work.

I had a number of sessions with Megan at refresh working on full body lymphatic massage, lymphatic work for my c-section scar, and lymphatic facial work.

Lymphatic Body Work: Full lymphatic massage helps remove excess toxins and fluids to fight inflammation and prevent sickness. What was different about this experience is Meghan uses a machine (called a Phytobiodermie’s Biodraineur) to remove toxins vs a light touch. While i"m not sure I would do this alone, I did notice less bloat in my stomach the days after I tried it.

Lymphatic work on c-section scars: HOLY MOLY this was incredible. Meghan spent specific sessions working on my c-section scar. She did lymphatic as well as some manual massage. After about 30 minutes of her work my massage felt noticeably softer, and when exercising the days after I felt way less tugging. This is two years postpartum.

Lymphatic on the face: I had a few sessions for lymphatic specifically on my face. I found this by far the most relaxing and noticed a definite reduction in swelling and all over "puffy" look for days after. Obsessed. Here are some photos to compare

left before treatment, the center and right are 15 min after!

The best part of Refresh is Meghan and Kates caring personalities. I truly grew spending time with them - and miss them!!

BONUS: Mention Katie Breard when you go in and save $20 off a treatment.

2.Trying and reviewing Elastique Athletics Workout Sets

In the past few months I kept hearing about Elastique, a "wellness wear" brand that has made activewear that promotes lymphatic massage - by wearing leggings.

As someone who has zero time for self care I found this fascinating. I loved hearing more from the owners, and have been fortunate to try a pair. 

The brand describes their product as this:

"Our patent-pending MicroPerle™ beads are mapped to the body’s lymphatic vessels. Combined with compression, each one applies very gentle pressure to encourage proper lymphatic return.

They sit strategically where lymph stagnation can cause orange peel skin, or cellulite. Think of it as a mini lymph massage while you move."

My honest opinion: 
I haven't had the leggings long enough for a full conclusion but was really surprised how tight BUT flattering the leggings were when I first tired them on. When I say tight - I had to dance into them. I was worried, because I feel self conscious in things that are way too tight, but actually loved the look. The compression lifts all the right places.

So far I've warn them after a night of eating salty foods, AND a full day of flying. I can honestly say I felt a lot less swollen then I normally do after flying.

Conclusion: I would have loved these as a pair of "In-between" leggings postpartum. When I wasn't in my maternity clothes but not yet in my real clothes. They would have helped with postpartum swelling so much the first few weeks home..

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