6 Healthier Holiday Treat Swaps From Amazon

healthy holiday treats healthy treats holiday snacks holiday treats macro friendly snacks macro friendly treats Dec 09, 2021

Tis the season of TREATS and I'm all about it.

That being said, about two weeks into December (it's coming).

-My stomach starts hurting.

-My kids true colors start getting scary.

While I am not about depriving anything - Here are a few healthier options that are super easy to swap. Some for the kids/ some macro happy ones for me.

1. Sugar-Free Chai Tea

This one is my fave for me. It reminds me of the chai teas I drank growing up, but has zero calories. Has a lot of artificial sweeteners but...hey. I love it. 

2. Cleaner Candy Canes

These candy canes taste just like "regular ones" but have way less sugar and no GMOs. 

3. Cleaner Sprinkles

These sprinkles taste....like sprinkles (they all taste kinda bad) but have zero dyes and are a lot cleaner in general. Plus...how cute are these ugly sweaters??

4. Monk Fruit Sweetened Sugar Cookie Mix

These sugar cookies use monk fruit as opposed to sugar. They actually taste a bit sweeter (monk fruit can be really sweet) and have the consistency of sugar cookies. 

5. Feast Mode Seasoning (chocolate and cinnamon butter)

OK. I am OBSESSED with this low sodium seasoning brand. Both of these are SO GOOD and way better than the real stuff.

6. Monk fruit-sweetened Hot Coco

Again- this product uses monk-fruit instead of sugar. The macros are really good (for me) and my kids love it.

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