5 Health + Fitness Black Friday Deals

small business Nov 26, 2021

Today is black Friday and I'm sure you are seeing a million deals. I wanted to share 5 health and fitness deals from small brands that are a great deal as a gift or for yourself. 

I've added a link to the sale, my favorite product, and the dates of the deal below. xo!

1.Philosophie Brand Sunshine Drops

I add these drops to my water daily. The drops have chlorophyll which helps aid in hydration and detoxification. They are calorie and taste free and help me feel more hydrated. Win win.

35% off with the code BFLOVE35! (Deal is Friday only).


2.Primally Pure Natural Dry Shampoo

Most dry shampoo is surprisingly full of crap. This is all natural and works really well. They have specific dry shampoos for light and dark hair.

20% off and free shipping through 11/27.


3.Nanit Baby Monitors

These smart tracking sheets are so cool! I hear really good things about these monitors. They are 25% off (big savings because they are pricey) while supplies last. 


4. Serenity Kids Pouches + Puffs

I talk about it a lot but my kids inhale these pouches and I use their grain free puff a lot. 

20% off Friday - Monday 29 (I never see sales above 15%). 

You can use code METHOD20- or just purchase through the sale on the site.


5. Ahimsa Plates

A shocking 80% of kids feeding products have harmful chemicals. This brand was started by two pediatric moms. 25% off today.



My online pre and postnatal home workout programs are 35% off today!!

Learn more HERE

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